21 Day ‘Carb Adaptation Response’ Changes Your Body’s Reaction To
The Wrong Foods While Helping You Lose Weight, Balance Hormones,
& Erase Eating Mistakes
-- All By Working On Something Called
“Carb Metabolism” -- Using ‘Bad Food’ To Burn Calories.

Here’s the low-down on carbs, so you’re no longer confused:

#1: Carbs are not bad -- in fact, they are an excellent source of energy when properly balanced with other nutrients in your body.

#2: Generally speaking, carbs help you build muscle, not lose fat -- sugars destroy both results.

#3: Artificial forms of carbs are basically poison: sugar, cereal, breads, etc. This is where you go wrong, and these foods tend to contain other unhealthy ingredients like corn starch, wheat, grains, and soy.

#4: You shouldn’t eat the same amount of carbs every day or it’ll throw off your hormonal cycles.

Reset your thinking surrounding carbs and dieting, for just a moment -- give yourself a chance to make logical sense of the above concepts before you make any decisions or invest in anything at all. Think of ‘food’ as ‘energy’ and ‘exercise’ as a way to choose how to best use this energy.

It’s widely understood that carbs break down into sugars and turn into oxygen-deprived molecules of energy, or anaerobic energy. Anaerobic energy is great for sprinting and strength; however, it’s not well-used for activities of daily living or endurance. When you overeat carbs and don’t do the right workout, these energy molecules get wasted and turn into fat -- so, it’s all about how your body ‘uses’ carbs.

I used to get fat when I ate carbs too.
That sucks, because carbs taste great.

For the longest time, I thought it was my ‘metabolism’ and that I would never be able to eat like other people without gaining weight -- interestingly, I learned that my body is capable of metabolizing carbs well, and stabilizing weight loss -- now, people look at me as someone who has it easy and ‘gets away with everything.’

Nutrient-Specific Training Erases Food Mistakes &
Changes Your Body’s Relationship With Carbs, Proteins, & Fats.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist, I’m very concerned with your overall health. I care how healthy your body is on the ‘inside;’ yet I also realize that we’re all human, and we’re bound to succumb to temptation from time to time.

Let’s reverse your thinking for a moment -- instead of focusing on “eating healthy” like everyone else tells you to, shift your focus to ‘reactive training’ and you’ll begin eating differently by default.

Example: If you know that you have sprints coming up after eating a bag of Skittles, you may think twice -- and when you go for those delicious treats anyway, you’ll have a foolproof way to bias those calories for better use.

Eat, Then Train Appropriately.

Do everything you can to improve the way your body reacts to food. It’s entirely too often that I meet people who are eating well most of the time, but their bodies are so confused they don’t lose weight for months and months, despite making a great effort. It’s only when we create a food-activity link that the body learns how to use calories for metabolic growth, instead of placing fat on the waistline and hips.

To my knowledge, no one has ever discussed nutrient specific training before -- it’s not your fault that you haven’t been thinking about weight loss and improved health from this perspective. We can all agree that eating out often, choosing candies, pizzas, etc. isn’t the best habit -- but establishing healthy habits to follow unhealthy ones is probably the most critical step in improving health.

You can either be ‘proactive‘ or ‘reactive‘ to improve your health -- in my opinion, be both. Expect yourself to eat well 85% of the time, and know what to do with the 15% of the time or less that you don’t.

Nutrient Specific Training Is Designed To Reverse Dietary Mistakes &
Maximize The Metabolic Effect Of Food You’ve Already Eaten.

When it’s holiday times, I like to eat. When I’m on vacation, I want to enjoy. If I’m at an amusement park, I’d love to be able to get something to eat and options are limited.

If you really want something, eat it -- then, tell your body what to do with this food and how to respond.

You want more muscle? We have a workout for this.
You want to burn off more fat? Let’s trigger fat loss.
You want to learn how to get rid of inflammation as fast as possible? Check.

Nutrient Specific Training teaches you what to do today, and how to react tomorrow to promote more fat loss in less time. Live much healthier with minor tweaks and an extremely low time commitment.

Man or Woman, Young or Old, Beginner or Advanced --
You Can React To What You Eat More Easily Than You Can Control It.

When you invest in Nutrient Specific Training, you’re not getting anything complex -- you’ll learn a simple-to-follow set of rules -- specific workouts optimized to utilize important nutrients for your body to produce more energy and raise your metabolism. You’ll learn only what counts, you’ll see results, and then have unlimited support to answer your questions once you’re amazed by the outcome.

“Learn Later, Lose Fat Now.”

I’m not going to waste a moment of your time -- first, prove this to yourself. It works, and in my experience, it works every time. Here’s how the program breaks down:

3 Phase Nutrient Specific Metabolism Reset:

Reactive Training

Erase eating mistakes by realizing what took place and doing a workout specifically designed to make use of these accidental calories. During your first week, the only thing you’ll need to concentrate on is reacting ‘correctly’ any time you overeat.

Proactive Eating

Stopping weight gain is one thing, but accelerating weight loss with eating mistakes is nothing shy of fantastic. Beginning in Week 2, we’ll ask you to follow any accidental ‘Cheat Day’ with the proper diet and nutritional modifications for the following day. If you overeat carbs, proteins, or fats, the eating protocol is different, but each one has been tested and proven to be effective in maintaining or accelerating fat loss after a previous day’s mistakes.

Pre-Feast Training

On Week 3, we’ll add a take-anywhere trick that tells your body before you binge how to react after. My personal experience is that this 30-60 second trick aids in digestion, energy levels following feasts, and reaching any workout goal I have in far less time.

Independent of your history with food and exercise, there is an ability to change, and this is about reversing your body’s relationship with food and using it for energy from now on. In doing so, your body will lean out and you’ll reach your ideal bodyweight.

30 Minutes or Less Every Time You Cheat, 3 Weeks,
& Just $1 Per Day -- That’s It.

For the next 21 days, splurge a whole $1 per day and do the opposite of what you’ve always done. If you haven’t proven you have enough self-control to follow a diet and never cheat, try this. If you seem to get away with less and less carbs or extra calories and gain weight more easily than before, this is for you. Nutrient Specific Training is science-based, tested across an expansive network of health professionals and clients, and created specifically to give you hope again by showing you results.

In 3 weeks, you’ll have completely changed your relationship with food -- your body will react differently when you eat. By the end of 21 days, you’ll see a dramatically different response to any weight loss effort you make, you’ll feel all around more ‘balanced’ (hormonally), and your energy level will be consistently high.

Best of all, you won’t have to commit more than 30 minutes to any workout, which should be easy to do when you have free time and you’re already out and about. The exercises and method are chosen specifically to work with all people, regardless of experience, and Cheat Day workouts can be done with bodyweight alone.

Ease-of-implementation and the real-life approach to Nutrient Specific Training are going to be refreshing when you dive in. This program was designed to be simple, and only the information you absolutely need -- learning to speak to your body and help it process food as energy is easy and impactful -- how your body reacts to food affects every second of your life.

I’ve taken an oath to help people, and I’ll make it my single priority to work with all clients to ensure results. Now, you’ll be armed with my knowledge, and know how to react for better health and a leaner body on a day-to-day basis. You’ve made the right call reading this far, and it’s time to take action.

Decide if you want to re-educate your body and
make more of every calorie you consume.

This is the most powerful way to jumpstart your metabolism and correct your diet, and it’s only $1 per day -- absolutely incredible. I created Nutrient Specific Training to address the most common and practical concern that every personal training client and patient I’ve ever seen has:

What the best way to run damage
control if I mess up?

Enter: Nutrient Specific Training -- this is the bridge between ‘real life’ and ‘good health’ -- where we’ll use cheat meals to your advantage for accelerated fat loss. Strategically pair your workouts and meals together in way that lights up your metabolism.

Besides, if you get even half the results of my other clients, you won’t be sorry. Go ahead and click ‘add to cart’ below -- let’s get started:

Just $21, once. (That’s only $1 per day for 21 days.)
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12 Million Readers Can’t Be Wrong -- You Chose Us.

To be fair, this isn’t my experience and advice alone. Over the years, I’ve developed a network of other health professionals, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nutritionists, dietitians, and chiropractors -- we share a philosophy on health. And with a collective reach of over 12 million readers, we are rapidly working towards changing the health message.

Nutrient Specific Training gives you everything you need to know to start losing weight. Together, we’ll improve lives -- we won’t have to pretend to have superhuman self-control just to lose weight and get in shape.

In My Humble Opinion, You Either End Up Stuck or Take a Leap of Faith.

I’d prefer to be gentle and slowly encourage you to take action -- but I know I have to be direct and let you know this is an important decision and you need to move forward. With respect, weight loss isn’t working for you so far -- perhaps you should try the opposite of what you’ve been doing and give this a shot.

CAUTION: You’re Going To Have To Make An Effort

Wolff's Law: Your body adapts to the stresses or demands placed upon it.

As much as I’d love to wave a magic wand and make everyone lean and healthy, that’s not the way it works. The workouts I design are challenging, but safe. They take you to a point of questioning yourself, over and over again -- this is how the human body progresses. I want you to commit -- commit to success, and dominate everything in its way.

Time to rock your body into shape -- it will respond.

This May Seem Simple, But It’s a Precise Formula Tested Over Years...

Over the years, I’ve invested over $1 million in my education, practical training, start-up of a Physical Therapy & Personal Training facility, creation of a Master Trainer & Master Physical Therapist Certification-base, and health network development. Humbly, I’ve invested all of this with one person in mind: You.

Eat one way, exercise another, and lead yourself to plateau. On the other hand, work with your body by choosing a specific form of exercise to pair with different types of meals and your body stabilizes, sheds fat, and builds muscle more easily.

You are the reason and drive I do everything I do to perfection. I want you to have the best experience possible with your health, and I want you to be healthy -- now.

$1 Per Day & You Get A Blueprint For Erasing Eating Mistakes

It would be easy to justify charging thousands of dollars for this in person, and only offering this information to my ‘VIP patients and clients,’ but that’s not the way I roll. I’m about abundance, health, and happiness. I’m making this affordable as a short-term investment that anyone in the world can afford -- make an investment in your health.

I’m being as real as I can with you -- I’m here to help you, and I’ve figured out an important angle on the psychology of dieting: We’re much more adept to ‘make up for’ something we did than proactively control ourselves.

So when we change the starting point for improving health, it all falls into place. Within 3 short weeks, you’ll actually be craving the ‘right’ foods -- you’ll have an association between ‘food’ and ‘feeling,’ -- when you look at pizza, cookies, ice cream, or other temptations you'll associate feeling lousy; weight loss gets easier when your cravings change.

Besides, if you get even half the results of my other clients, you won’t be sorry -- go ahead and click ‘Add To Cart’ below:

Just $21, once. (That’s only $1 per day for 21 days.)
No shipping required -- delivered immediately to your inbox.

I’m going to make sure you take action, because I care about you and your health -- I’ve substantially discounted Nutrient Specific Training to incentivize you:

# of Copies Sold: Price:
First few... just $21 ($1 per day for 21 days) *Limited-time only
Next 1000 copies... $39.95
After that... $47

Besides, I’m Taking All The Risk for 60 Days.

It only takes 3 weeks to go through the 3 phases of Nutrient Specific Training. This means that you’ll have enough time to go through it more than twice. Try this, then decide if you’re keeping it. If you don’t get results, and you follow it to the tee, I’d rather you put your money somewhere else -- I’ll be happy to offer you a substitute program or refund you, on the spot. And, if you’re worried about getting a hold of us, that’s why we put our phone number at the top of this page. We’re here for you, and we mean it.

I’m absurdly committed to you and your health. Work with me, and with our team -- we won’t let you down, because we respect the fact that your health is a delicate issue and one that deserves our attention.

You're in safe hands now...

And to ensure you basically have no choice in the matter, I’ve decided to add the following 2 bonuses to your investment today, 100% FREE of charge:

Bonus #1: 8 Custom-Built Workouts
(Writing your own future workouts -- Solved.) - $56 value

Getting results today is great, but keeping them long-term is important too. That’s why it’s important you have workout variety -- and carefully designed workout variety at that. Create My Workout was designed and tested to meet the strictest level of satisfaction in workout program design for building muscle, losing fat, or getting a lean midsection. It can be used by all levels, and you’re able to pre-select how much time you have to work out -- 8 Custom-Built Workouts are yours, as a thank you for trusting me today.

Bonus #2: The Final Answer To Fat Loss
(Get the workouts, Learn the methods.) - $197 value

This is technically off-the-market and no longer available to anyone outside of this page -- it’s a 2-week fat loss program and tutorial I designed that ended up gaining over 4 million views in a short-period of time. I took it off the market as my hosting wasn’t up to speed to handle this number of viewers at that time, but I’ve decided to re-release it for you, today. This way, if you want to have a supplementary exercise program, learn how fat loss works, or improve neurological communication with your muscles, I’ve taken care of you. This is some of the most well-received work I’ve ever done, and it’s a gift to you.

Now’s Not The Time To Be Doubtful, It’s Time To Be Strong.

Step up and do something about your health -- use Nutrient Specific Training to ensure your body is responding properly to the food you consume, so you can lose weight rapidly, and correct your body’s relationship with food -- or go the other way... and keep eating poorly when you succumb to temptation, do nothing about it, and watch your body’s ability to self-regulate and digest heavier meals go down the drain... your body is responding to every message you send it.

Will your next meal send a message of make me
'fat and lazy' or 'strong and fast?'

21 Days From Now, You’ll Be Leaner & Crave Healthier Food.

So make the right decision and invest in Nutrient Specific Training. Besides, if you get even half the results of my other clients, you won’t be sorry -- go ahead and click ‘add to cart’ -- let’s get started:

Just $21, once. (That’s only $1 per day for 21 days.)
No shipping required -- delivered immediately to your inbox.

I’m certain you’ll succeed this time.
Are you?

Relentlessly on your side,

Kareem Samhouri

Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri

PS - You might wonder why I’d give away such valuable bonuses and ask you for practically nothing in return -- it’s because these are the missing pieces for long-term success -- you need a plan of action for today, but a reliable plan for the future too. My colleagues recommend me because they know I over-deliver and have your best interest in mind -- with over 12 million people who will see this page, you can be sure that the price will go up soon -- be sure to click add to cart and save as much as you can today.

PPS - Remember, I’m giving you 60 days completely Risk-Free to determine if Nutrient Specific Training is effective for you. So, basically you only spend $1 per day for 21 days, and then you get another 39 days to think about whether or not you want your money back, even after you lost a bunch of weight and saw the results for yourself. Don’t be silly -- I specifically created this to be a no-brainer offer for you, because it’s important your weight loss gets easier.

Make Sure You Click Add To Cart Below -- Your Health Depends Upon It:

Just $21, once. (That’s only $1 per day for 21 days.)
No shipping required -- delivered immediately to your inbox.