NEW METHOD: Attack Fat-Building Cells & Get A Flat Stomach.

Silence 'Fat-Adding' Hormones While Activating 'Fat-Burning' Hormones To Lose Fat Faster.

by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri

Overeat carbs and build insulin resistance; when you do this, you activate a hormone named ‘Resistin,’ who’s job is to make it nearly impossible for you to lose fat -- your body becomes inflamed, cholesterol becomes a problem instead of a good thing, and your blood sugar gets out of whack. These factors simultaneously increase your risk for heart disease and deposit fat all over your body, ultimately ruining your fat loss results.

Instead, attack your fat cells before they fully form by controlling your body’s response to carbohydrates naturally. Inflammation and resistin force your body to prioritize other systems and fat loss comes to a screeching half. When you build insulin resistance, you build fat loss resistance. Avoid this entirely by attacking your fat cells before they form.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Kinesiologist who reaches over 110,000 people on a near-daily basis to help them improve their health, I’ve realized something important along the way -- it’s not what you eat or how much you exercise -- it’s how you pair your workouts and meals together. Without giving yourself a single point of focus with your health, it’s nearly impossible to avoid rebound weight gain, or even worse, you’ll sabotage your weight loss results before you begin losing weight.

3 Small ‘Fat Loss Tweaks’ Change It All:
Your Body Is Designed To Melt Fat When You Tell It How.

Nutritional information is way behind the times, and every resource available seems to confuse the issue more.

It’s better I let you in now -- this is going to be the absolute ‘reverse’ thinking of every other diet and exercise program/advice you’ve heard before, yet complementary. Sometimes the fastest way to ‘win’ the race is by going in the other direction... Instead of attempting to make your diet perfect, why not ‘react’ to the food you eat and choose the ‘perfect’ workout instead? Seems so much easier...

Follow These 3 Steps To Use Every Calorie You Consume -- Either
Build Muscle Or Lose Fat -- All While ‘Using’ Dietary Mistakes
To Regulate Fat-Burning and Fat-Adding Hormones.

When you accidentally eat the wrong thing because someone in your office tempts you with a doughnut, you didn’t have time to make lunch and end up eating pizza, or you get hungry late at night and you’re not sure how you consumed that much ice cream in 4 minutes flat -- there are 3 steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Figure Out Where Your Diet Went Wrong

You know when you’ve eaten the wrong foods -- you can feel it, and your bowels can too. Determine if you ate too many carbs, proteins, or fats. The way our body’s energy cycle works is that it uses carbs for energy first, then proteins, and creates endurance through fats. By balancing your macronutrient ratios to quickly transition between carbs to proteins to fats, you are able to leverage a much better result from your workouts.

Step 2: Pair Step 1 results with a specific type of workout.

When you choose exercises that are specifically designed to burn through carbs, for example, you can get rid of excess carbs, quickly. Now, your energy cycle for the rest of the day is normalized and you’re back on track. A few minutes of strategically chosen exercise, at a strategically chosen time, can completely reverse your mistake -- what’s better, with a couple more minutes, you can channel these extra ‘carbs’ to your muscles, pump them up, and speed up muscle growth. More muscle means a faster metabolism -- amazing, you can use an accidental cheat meal to work with your lean body goals.

Step 3: Strategically eat tomorrow based off of today.

This is your second chance.

What you eat before a workout is equally important to what comes after -- the workout you did in Step 2 told your body not to deposit the extra calories as fat; now, prove it. Correct your dietary mistake for the next 24 hours, strictly -- or your body will pack on fat amazingly fast. By choosing what to eat in a specific way, you'll use today's mistakes to burn fat tomorrow.

WARNING: This information is not for everyone.

Your body and health are way too important to me -- the following are criteria for me to continue teaching you:

As much as I’d like to help you, you’re going to have to motivate and start from within -- one or the other -- eat what you want and do what it takes, or eat healthy all the time.
This is a method that helps you figure out the moment things go wrong in your diet and fix them right then, that day. You have to be willing to make your health a serious priority and honor your word when you say you’re going to either control ‘what you eat’ or ‘how you react.’
If you’re the kind that likes to quit early and complain things aren’t working, again, I can’t help you -- it only takes 21 days for your body to adapt and produce progressively faster results, but you have to be willing to give Nutrient Specific Training a chance.

Want To Know How To Correct Your Diet & Maximize Fat Loss, Beginning Today?

Your body can change rapidly, and you’ll be able to surprise yourself -- but it all starts with you. Within the next few minutes you’ll know exactly how to pair your workouts and meals to optimize fat-burning hormones, and how to utilize ‘bad calories’ for faster fat loss. On the next page, I’ll go over the exact strategies it takes to completely overcome any dietary mistake you’ve made and lose stomach fat while eating ‘like a normal person.’